The Ultimate Guide To Making Sales From Your Facebook Group

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“Are you struggling to sell products or services through your Facebook group? 

You’re not alone! 

In fact, of all the questions that we get asked about Facebook groups on a weekly basis (and we get asked a lot!) the #1 would have to be “how can I make more sales from my Facebook group?”

That’s what prompted us to write this ‘ultimate guide’, to give you the rundown on exactly what to do in order to get more of your group members converting into customers and clients.

This is based on the experiences that we’ve had in our niche, and it works in just about every niche that we’ve seen.


You know what won’t work?

Just reading this post and not putting the points into action! We can only show you the door… you have to walk through it.

If you need instructions on what to do in order to get there faster and with total support, you should check out the Tribegeeks Academy.

So, we’ve established that a bit of effort is required, but not too much.

And doesn’t everything that’s worthwhile require a little effort to attain?

I think we both know the answer there!

Before we jump in, we’re going to assume two things.

Firstly that you either already have a Facebook group with a decent amount of members, or you’re building one. And secondly, that the members of your audience are a good fit for what you’re trying to sell.

In other words, they’re the right target market?

This article isn’t really focused on audience building and growth, but if you need help with this, again, check out the Tribegeeks Academy.

So, let’s get into what it takes to sell more stuff to your community…

#1 – K.L.T…

You’ve probably heard people mention these three little letters, but sooo much rides on them when it comes to making sales from your group.

Let’s break them down a little more shall we and see what each of them really means.

K = Know.

Pretty simple right? I mean your members have to know you to be in their group don’t they. 

Well, not exactly. That means they probably know OF you, but do they really KNOW you?

Our objective as marketers is to make our members feel like we’re a trusted companion, and that means engaging with them and letting our humour and our values shine through, and we need to do it often!

We need to create bonds with our audience that will fend off those competitors who are circling your members like a hungry pack of wolves looking to get fed. They need to feel secure in the fact that you’ve got their back and their best interests at heart so that these opportunists don’t get a look in.

So, regular engagement is key. If you’re just showing up looking to make a quick sale, your audience will sense it and disengage.

Your engagement also has to be of value to them. In other words, make it useful. Don’t just make it all about engagement for engagement sake by posting trivia and funny memes (even though we love funny memes!) We’ve gotta let people know that we’ve got substance… that we’re ‘the one’.

It’s so often the case that we see people getting frustrated and disillusioned at their lack of sales, but under closer examination, it turns out that they’ve laid none of the ground work.

Which leads us to the L.

The L = Like.

A huge percentage of a person’s decision to buy from you is already determined before you even make an offer based in how they feel about you.

How hard is it not to like someone who’s helping you?… and not just once.

If someone’s repeatedly showing up and sharing good stuff… educating and entertaining, then the job of selling is already half done. So make sure that you’re engaging with your audience and sharing helpful content with them.

So, we’ve got the know part covered. That needs us to show up and share relevant things with our audience on a consistent basis.

If we’re helping people then there’s a high chance they’ll like us, which leads us to the T.

T = Trust.

When we mention trust, most people will say “Oh, they know I’m honest”.

And whilst that’s important, it’s not necessarily the type of trust that we’re talking about.

It’s more about the trust they need to have in you that you CAN help.

That you CAN do the things that you say yo can in order to show them how to solve their problems.

Think of them building trust in you as them building faith in you.

How do we do that?

Well, we don’t do it alone.

You can try, but when you show up and tell people how awesome you are, it comes off as braggy and fake.

No. We need other people to talk about how we’ve helped THEM to do the thing that we’re offering to help others with.

This is social proof and it’s one of the most powerful methods to get your audience to trust you.

Unfortunately, most people don’t use it nearly enough to promote their achievements. Even if they have a file of comments and posts where people are saying nice things about them, a lot of people are too shy to use them.

But we have to. If people see that we’ve helped someone to solve a problem or get a result, it builds other people’s faith in us to be able to help them massively.

Make sure your social feeds are peppered with customer images, testimonials, case studies and compliments in order to advertise your expertise without looking like a total show off!

There’s really only one more powerful strategy to build that trust…

And that’s to show them!

If you want to build someone’s trust in you that you can help them… actually help them! Show them how they can get a result, even if it’s a small one to get started.

Show them the results that you got for yourself, and then offer to help them to do the same with their business.

It’s almost impossible to not believe that someone can actually do something if you’ve just watched them do it!

#2 – Create a valuable offer.

And it has to be one that’s in line with what your audience want AND have a strategic process to make the sale.

There are a few issues that we find consistently prevent people from doing this, but the good news is that none of them can’t be overcome pretty quickly with the right advice.

Firstly, and we’d say most prominently are the issues around mindset and the fear of selling.

A lot of people get stuck in the feeling that selling is somehow selfish and manipulative. To help overcome this, we have our awesome Tribegeeks Academy expert coach Philippa Aldridge on hand to help re-frame those negative feelings and get you out there, happily making valuable offers.

If you can overcome a hesitant mindset around helping people, making money and being visible as a person who’s there to help and share their wisdom is 90% of the battle.

It generally leads us to tell ourselves things like “I don’t have time” or “I can’t afford it”.

These things aren’t typically true, it’s just that we don’t prioritise it. If something is really important to us, we’ll find a way to make it happen.

As broke as many people profess to be, they’ll still find money for cigarettes, alcohol and the latest iPhone.

This isn’t always the case, but it IS more often than not.

One of the other things that we find holds many people back is the fear of tech.

If that’s you, we’re here to say that it’s not your fault if you feel apprehensive. The internet is literally crammed with people telling you that you can’t make money unless you have this system, or that system.

You gotta have a funnel…

You gotta have e huge email list…

You gotta have a website…

You gotta have a podcast…

You gotta do webinars…

And we’re not saying those things are bad in any way, heck we use them all ourselves…now! BUT, when we were getting started, we had a super simple offer that we just offered to our group members with a PayPal link.

It wasn’t pretty, but it made us money and told us that it WAS possible.

Even now, we find that the simplest, quickest solution without all the bells and whistles often works the best.

That said, you do need an offer. Something that your audience will find valuable, and you need a way to get it in front of that audience.

So, how do you do that?

Well, here are a list of just a few of the ways that you can lead your group members to a sales offer to make it straightforward for them to buy from you.

1, Host live sales events –

This is essentially you, going live into your group and sharing some value with your audience in order to educate them a little (without bogging them down with info) and showing them why they need the thing that you have in order to get what they want.

Then, after sharing value with them you take a few minutes to make your offer to the people who showed up.

This can work for so many niches and it’s a fantastic way to leverage your time. 

You can also rinse and repeat the process as many times as you want.

The technology is really making things simple for us to do this. 

You don’t need an expensive webinar solution anymore, you can do this over Zoom or even Facebook live video.

You can create some basic slides inside Canva with a free account if you want to get slightly fancy, but the important thing is that you get your offer in front of your audience. 

You can host a live Q&A session, product demonstration, or even a virtual launch event. 

This will give your group members an opportunity to ask questions, learn more about your products or services, and even make a purchase on the spot.

2, Have a sales focused onboarding process –

It’s a good idea to offer value as soon as people come into your group to give them the sense that thy’ve made a great choice and they’re in the right place. 

As part of that process you can certainly lead them on to a way that they can buy from you. For example, you could have a lead magnet that you offer to people when they first come into your group, and then you could send them to a thank you page with an offer on it.

As well as that you could add them to an email sequence with sales offers embedded in them.

As long as you’re adding some value first and giving your members a clear reason why they should take the next action that you want them to take, you should have members seeing and buying your offers. Then it’s just a question of sending as many people as possible through the process.

3, Make regular offers in your group posts –

Just be careful not to overdo this! You don’t want to alienate your audience and make them feel like they’re just a pay check.

Now, one of the major mistakes that we see a lot of people making when it comes to selling inside their group is that they’ll typically write a few isolated posts without using any kind of formula to generate excitement, desire or the need to act now in order to get the promised benefits.

Much like a sales page, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it if you’re going to take your members on a journey of discovery, highlight a problem, raise the stakes and then offer to solve that problem.

Use simple copywriting formulas like A.I.D.A or P.A.S top make your sales copy more compelling.

We actually have a 5 post formula for doing this effectively and it works like a charm for us. It’s something that we share inside the Tribegeeks Academy.

4, 1-2-1 connections –

This is going to work as your best option if you’re a coach, or sell a higher ticket product and you rely on asking questions to see if what you have is a good fit for your audience.

Your free call (also known as a discovery call, or consultation call) will also be your opportunity to tell people how your product and service can help them and what the next step is if the feel they want to work with you or hire you.

This works much the same way with DM’s. What we’re effectively doing here is getting someone to virtually ‘raise their hand’ and tell you that they’re potentially interested in taking the next step, and then connecting with them to direct them to the best solution for them.

In conclusion, if you want to sell more from your Facebook group, you need to engage with your audience to help them get to know you, help them in order to get them to like you, and use social proof as well as your own results to help them to trust you.

Then have a solid conversion process in place that you can point people to from your group in order to be able to help them further.

By following these simple tips, you can turn your group into a powerful sales machine and grow your business to new heights. 

Remember, it’s all about building relationships and providing value. And if you need more help, everything you need is inside the Tribegeeks Academy. Why not grab your 14 day trial for just £1 right now?

Happy selling!”

Steve Harradine

I help home business owners and online experts build their Facebook tribe, dial in their message and automate their sales process using organic methods so they never have to beg people to buy.

With online false claims and under-delivery of promised results becoming the norm for many right now, I believe that honest, relationship based business promotion is the way forward for anyone looking to build an online brand.

I’ve worked with thousands of business owners to help them ‘find their voice’ to clarify their message, as well as show them how to make offers in the most natural and efficient way.

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