The Secret Of Selling Using Facebook Groups

Selling isn’t something that comes naturally to most.

You only have to venture online for a few minutes and you’ll trip over some gasbag guru telling you that you need XYZ system to ‘sell on autopilot’ without having to learn any skills at all.

It’s really made the Internet, and in particular social media a messy place to be most of the time because there’s a prevailing attitude that all you need to do is sling enough links and the sales will come flooding in.

Unfortunately for many, there’s a little more to it than that.

Having said that, selling is a skill that can be learned just like anything else.

I’ve been in and around sales organisations most of my working life but in all honesty that hasn’t helped me one jot in building our business and selling online… and here’s why.

Why being able to sell offline won’t really help you to sell online.


When you work for a company, there’s inherent structure to what you sell and how you sell it

You generally have a proven product range that serves a specific sector of a market.

You don’t have to source it or make it yourself.

The benefits of that product range have already been clearly identified and the customer base is usually aware that they need it.

Even if it comes down to price to win a deal (and it often does) there are set parameters that you have to abide by or the deal just isn’t worth doing.

In other words, there are rules and guidelines that keep us within the lines.

We don’t have to decide what to charge for things.

We don’t have to do most of the hard stuff like come up with products, marketing messages and USP’s for our companies stuff.

It’s all done for us.

And what most people do when they start an online business is kinda breeze past all that essential stuff and listen to the gg’s – the gasbag guru’s.

The gg’s will keep you focused on the tactics, like the latest system or app that they’re not actually using themselves, but will work for you!

They totally want you to ignore the fundamentals and focus on the hypnotic shiny object.

I know because I bought into this mentality big time when I first started my online journey.

And I struggled.

I struggled because, to quote one of my favourite Paul Weller songs ‘The more I see, the more I know, the more I know, the less I understand😊

That’s just how I felt because it seemed like every time I did a new training there was some conflicting advice telling me to do something totally opposite to the training I’d watched just before that.

I was literally moving in circles and getting really frustrated and overwhelmed in the process.

But the one thing I won’t do is quit so I started looking for some way to make sense of all the conflicting advice that was driving me nuts.

And I found it…

And guess what…

It wasn’t in some brand new course or app.

It was in an old PDF version of something that was published as a memoire in the 60’s.

The author has since passed away but he was one of THE most successful salesmen of his time.

At the time you could only get this directly from the Authors widow but it’s since been listed on Amazon.

Here’s the link if any of you want to check it out for yourselves.

What was different about this book?


Well it was written well before the Internet was even a thing and it totally blows past all the fluff and the BS that’s so prevalent online and breaks down what actually makes people buy stuff.

What makes people tick and how to actually get them to want what you have to offer.

As soon as we started to apply these sales principles inside our business everything changed for us.

Not only that but as I look around the Internet, I see that ANYONE being successful is pretty much following a version of what’s laid out inside the book.

Anyone not following the principles is a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ affair.

Now this book is around 120 pages long so I can’t possibly go into everything here, and I wouldn’t out of respect for the author but I’ll break down a few ways you can use the sales principles to make sales leveraging the power of Facebook groups.

Principle #1 – People buy what they want so there must be some perceived value to your offer. That value needs to be something that your prospect values more than the money in their bank account.


Otherwise – no sale!

Every decision that people make in life is centered around one thing. To replace unhappiness with happiness.

People want to feel happy.

Value = happiness.

Selling therefore isn’t about convincing someone to buy something that they don’t really want or need, or being a smooth closer.

It’s about finding out what people already want or need and finding a way to deliver it to them so that they feel like they got value.

Turning unhappiness into happiness.

This means we have to get to know a bit about them and have a system for putting such things in their path.

Then selling becomes easy.

Facebook groups are great way to do this because

A, Your members will already perceive you as someone who has the answers they need (The power of having a group).

B, Facebook groups are a brilliant way to get members to open up and tell us what they need and what they want.

C, Getting someone to buy something on the first time of seeing it is VERY difficult… unless you’re lucky enough to have a unique ‘no brainer’ product (like the first iPhone for example) where the value is indisputable and easily explained to the masses.

These products are rare beasts.

Sure you may get lucky on occasion and make a sale to an easy mark, but generally this is not sustainable.

So, to put this principle into layman’s terms, we need something of value to exchange for our customer’s money… and it needs to be perceived to be worth more than the money to our customer or they ain’t buyin’!

People often need to see an offer a few times before they realise the value and Facebook groups are the perfect place to magnify the perceived value of what you have to offer as you can address the multiple benefits in various posts to an already warm audience.

Just randomly slinging links around hoping that someone will love what you have enough to pull out their credit card is not a strategy for success.

If you need help getting clear on your offer and how to present it to your audience in a clear compelling way, this is exactly what we teach inside the Tribegeeks Academy.

Principle #2 – People buy from people they know, like and trust.


I must have heard this a Thousand times from my Dad when I was growing up… turns out he was totally right.

“People buy from people” he’d say.

Moreover, people buy from people that they know, they like and they trust.

If you’re brand new to someone and you tell them that your product or service will provide a result, chances are they won’t be convinced.

Especially with all the snake oil salesmen out there right now.

They can’t trust you because they don’t know you from Adam (or Eve!).

Unless that is, you can put that person in front of an audience of people inside your Facebook group that are happy to confirm that you are in fact the real deal.

For example, every time we have someone ask if it’s a good idea for them to join the Tribegeeks Academy, we don’t have to say a word because our tribe are the ones to edify us and shout about how good it’s been for them.

It’s the quickest way to develop trust with a new person and take them from cold to hot.

As far as the ‘like’ element is concerned, remember value = happiness.

If we’re providing value to our group members we’re building goodwill because we’re making them happy.

If we’re making them happy do you think there’s any way they’re going to not like us.

It’s very unlikely.

Facebook groups achieve all of the above more effectively than just about any other medium.

Use them to build relationships with your tribe and selling will become easy.

Principle #3 – People need a community to belong to.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years you probably know that Facebook have committed to making communities (groups) their major focus going forward.

It’s largely because they recognise what one of the all time marketing greats Dan Kennedy used to say.

“Most people are walking around with their umbilical cords in their hands looking for someplace to plug it in”.

Most people are walking around with their umbilical cords in their hands looking for someplace to plug it in.

In other words people are looking for somewhere to belong where they feel like they fit in and are validated.

This is totally confirmed by, and fits in with the teachings of Maslow.

Maslow's Hierarchy Of Human Needs

As you can see from the two middle tiers of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs pyramid, these highlight the need that humans have for connection, belonging, acceptance and the respect of others.

It’s certainly been our experience that people will come to your Facebook group for the content but stay for the community.

Because we’re not just building a Facebook group… we’re building a tribe.

Once you give people a home online, somewhere where people feel like they belong and are secure, you essentially eliminate all of your competition.

Once your audience have a bond with you and your community it’s very unlikely they’ll buy from anyone else.

And as long as you’re promoting products that are in line with what your tribe are trying to achieve, selling becomes superfluous.

There’s no need to convince people or be an aggressive closer.

That’s certainly been our experience.

And it’s been a game changer for us.

It can be for you too.

You just need to stop chasing the shiny objects and focus on what’s proven to work.

We’re here to help you and encouraging you to become a member of the Tribegeeks academy is the best way we know how.

Everything you need is in there.

Did you find this useful?

I’d really appreciate you dropping any comments you may have in the section below.

Steve Harradine

Steve Harradine

Tribegeek, Gadget Lover, Home Cinema Nut And Sales & Online Automation Obsessor.

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© Tribes For Home Business 2021. All rights reserved.