Our Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Focus On Your Facebook Group

Our Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Your Focus Group

Are you tired of feeling like a lone ranger on the internet, longing for a place to connect with like-minded individuals or promote your biz to a targeted audience of your ideal clients and customers?

Fear not, dear reader, because Facebook groups are here to save the day!

But seriously, Facebook groups can be a total game-changer for businesses, organisations, and individuals who are looking to build a meaningful relationship based business online. 

Need some convincing? Well, check out these top 10 benefits that we’ve been able to enjoy since focusing on leveraging the power of Facebook groups:

Benefit #1 – Finding Your Tribe: 

Facebook groups allow you to naturally and easily connect with folks who share similar interests, goals, or experiences. Whether you’re a business trying to connect with your ideal customer or just a person looking for a group of people to obsess over plants with, there’s a group for you.

Benefit #2 – Building A Community: 

Facebook groups can help you cultivate a sense of community around a particular topic or shared cause. Group members can interact, share info, and support each other, creating a strong sense of belonging and unity.

Benefit #3 – Promoting Your Biz Or Organisation: 

Facebook groups provide a brilliant platform for businesses and organisations to showcase their products or services to a targeted, relevant audience. Group members are likely to be interested in what you have to offer, so it’s an effective way to reach potential customers and show them that you’re the go-to expert who can help them to get what they want.

Benefit #4 – Getting Feedback And Support: 

Facebook groups can be a great place to get real-time feedback and support from real people with valid opinions. Members can provide valuable insights and advice, helping you to improve your products or services.

Benefit #5 – Staying Current: 

Facebook groups can help you stay up to date on industry news, trends, and other important information. Group members can share articles, resources, and updates, keeping you in the know, and you can do the same for your members, which will keep people coming back. Never underestimate the power of FOMO!

Benefit #6 – Increasing Brand Awareness: 

By creating a Facebook group and actively engaging with group members, you can increase brand awareness and reach a much wider audience. When group members share content or interact with your posts, their friends and followers will see it, potentially leading to new members joining your group and learning about your brand.

Benefit #7 – Hosting Events: 

Facebook groups make it easy to promote and manage events, something that can’t currently be done from your Facebook page. Group members can RSVP and invite their friends too, and you can use the group’s page to share updates and info about the event.

Benefit #8 – Offering Customer Service: 

Facebook groups can be a useful tool for providing customer service. You can use the group to answer frequently asked questions, resolve customer issues, and gather feedback to improve your products or services, not to mention gathering social proof to share with the rest of your audience.

Benefit #9 – Collaborating With Other Businesses Or Organisations: 

Facebook groups can be a great place to collaborate with other businesses or organisations. You can share resources, cross-promote products or services, and work together on projects or campaigns.

Benefit #10 – Running Contests, Challenges Or Promotions: 

Facebook groups provide a platform for running contests or promotions to engage group members and attract new followers. Hopefully you’ve seen the recent successes many people (including us) have been having with challenges. This can be an effective way to drive traffic to your website or social media accounts and build your all important email list.

So, to summarise, experience has proven that having a Facebook group can provide numerous benefits for businesses, organisations, and individuals who want to build a following and make sales. From building a sense of community and increasing brand awareness to offering customer service and running promotions to grow your bank account, Facebook groups offer a variety of tools and opportunities for engagement and growth. 

It’s been life changing for us and it could also be for you.

If you need help to figure out where to start and what to do in order to build your own amazing Facebook group so you can make more sales without the sleaze, then you’re going to want to check out our Tribegeeks Academy. It’s where we share the exact steps we implemented to build our audience of multiple thousands of people.

If we can do it… so can you!

Oh, and did we mention that Facebook groups also free to create and use, no matter how large they become or how many times you post or promote?

So what are you waiting for? 

Get to group-ing! You’ll be glad that you did!

Sam Harradine

I’ve been helping home business owners and online experts organically build their tribe on Facebook for almost a decade now. 

With ads becoming more and more unpredictable I believe that marketing your business using organic, trust building methods is more important now that it ever has been… and it’s only going to become more important in the future.

Recently I’ve become a Facebook certified community manager as well as being a Facebook Power admin for the past several years.

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