How Implementing This 'One Thing' Saved My Business And My Sanity

I’m not ashamed to say that when I first started out online, I was a hot mess!


I was running around with my hair on fire, doing ‘All the things’ the ‘Goo-roo’s told me to do, and followed every latest teaching method I stumbled across.


The result?

I was burned out.

I got SO sick of Facebook I wanted to delete my account, and had a very unhappy Husband & 3 Daughters who were always complaining I was glued to my phone 24/7.

Didn’t they realise I was trying to build a business for THEM?

Didn’t I realise I was doing it the crazy hard way, and ended up almost quitting.

It was so easy to fall down the Facebook ‘Rabbit Hole’

I opened my laptop or my phone, started to scroll, and before you know it, an hour had gone by.

Was I actually building our business at this time?


Did I  make any money scrolling endlessly & watching funny cat videos my old school friend posted?


Yet I carried on doing it.


Because I didn’t actually know WHAT to do!


I saw leaders talking about having a ‘DMO’ (Daily method of operation) I saw them talking about doing ‘Income producing activities’ but what the heck were they?

I watched every video of theirs, read every blog post, but those tasks, those daily things I should be doing, were never revealed.

So I went back to scrolling & watching cat videos.

Until one day I actually invested in myself and bought a course that changed everything for me.

Finally those tasks were laid out for me… well, sort of! 😊

– The 5 tasks that the course laid out took almost 4 hours a day to complete, and for me at the time, this was almost impossible to do.


Many of the tasks themselves seemed to make sense, but how on earth was I going to find an extra 4 hours in my day?

And a couple of the tasks were a little, lets say, left of field.

They didn’t really fit in with my style of doing things.

So I set to work on the tasks that would work for ME, refined them, added some essential tasks that were missing from the list, and started doing these every day.

Were they sexy?

Sadly, not at all.

They were just basic tasks that I did, day in, day out, without fail.

Did they take all day?

Nope, once I discovered what was working and what was just ‘filler’ I refined them to take me no more than an hour a day!

AND I could break up that hour into smaller chunks that I could do when I had smaller pockets of time in my day.

Did they work….

Oh heck yeah! We saw the results almost immediately!

It built our business with such a strong foundation, that I literally attribute our success to the 5 daily tasks.

But WHY is a ‘DMO’ so important?

Why do YOU need one in your business.

Well, Here are my top 3 reasons why you need a DMO that works for your business, your sanity, and a happy family life.

1, Managing Your Time.


Remember when I said I was burned out & almost ready to quit? It was because I literally spent almost all of my free time on Facebook, without structure, without a plan, and quite honestly, without a clue.

I wasn’t utilising my time the RIGHT way, so just kept spinning my wheels.

When you get clear on your mission, have your daily tasks laid out, you can be 100% more effective.

My secret weapon?

An old fashioned kitchen timer!

Just like this one

I set it for the allotted time I have set aside for my task

It has a loud ‘tick’ so I am very mindful I am on a countdown.

This helps keep me on task, and avoid popping off to check PM’s, emails & FB notifications.

I just work that task for the set amount of time.

And because I’m so fully focussed, I get SO much done in a very short space of time!

Most of the tasks I do are either 5 or 10 minute tasks.

And the largest one is 25 minutes… which can be broken down into 5 or 10 minute chunks.

Which is perfect for my crazy busy days, and fitting these tasks in around everything else I do.

Honestly, this one trick will change everything for you.

Get a ticking timer, and use it every day.

You will thank me later 😉

2, Stopping the scroll!

When you come to Facebook without an agenda, without a plan, you will be mindlessly scrolling in the ‘Hope’ of earning some money or promoting your business.

But ‘Hope’ is not a tactic.

Just hoping you will make your business work is not sustainable, and just not a good plan at all.

You need to know EXACTLY what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it.

With your trusty timer next to you, make a list of the tasks you need to do in your business, and work through them until they are done.

Put a big tick next to each one as you complete it, nothing like seeing a completed list at the end of the day!

We actually lay out the 5 tasks we do every day to build our business over in our Tribegeek Academy (LINK)

We give you walk through trainings of how to do them, tell you WHY they are important, and give you time chunks in which to do it in.

We even have a handy checklist you can print out & check off the tasks as you finish them 🙂

This simple, easy to follow plan has been a huge factor in our success online, and the success of so many of our #Tribegeeks who follow it.

And the beauty of it is, after a while, you don’t even need to think about it!

You just do it automatically, it becomes part of your routine.

We call this our ‘30 Days To Impact’ program, within those 30 days, you will make an impact in your industry & become known as the ‘Go To’ person in your niche, and by the end of the 30 days, this will have become part of your every day routine, a habit, that will be hard to break!

3, Clocking off, and how to do it guilt free!


Now this one was a HUGE deal for me.

Before I started doing my daily 5 tasks, while I was running around with my hair on fire & getting moaned at by my family for ‘Always being on your bloody phone’ I was always on duty.

I felt I had to be online almost 24/7 in the ‘Hope’ (There’s that word again) that something would appear in a thread & I could turn it into a sale.

This very quickly led me to being burned out, and in my family’s bad books.

But having a workable ‘DMO’ the daily tasks I do each day, means that when they are done, I don’t feel bad about closing my laptop or turning off my phone.

I don’t feel guilty for spending time with my family, watching a movie with Steve, taking time to read a book or listen to a podcast.

I am happy that I have done the most important tasks of the day, I know what other tasks I need to do too (I schedule in my coaching calls, content creation, marketing time, etc) so the rest of the time is time for me!

It will free your brain of that nagging guilt that says ‘You haven’t done enough, don’t put your phone down, keep scrolling, keep scrolling….’

Stop listening to that voice in the knowledge you’ve showed up & ACTIVELY been building your business every single day!

I waited far too long to get help with this, and fumbled around in the dark using my ‘Hope’ tactic.

A Final Thought, To Supercharge This Process To Make Sure You Stay On Track And Actually Get Results… 

Find your tribe online and make sure you stay close to them.

Your tribe should be made up of people like yourself. People who are in a position to help you and support you on your journey.

Like the community inside of the Tribegeeks VIP group.

To start implementing a strategic DMO in your business based on what we’ve tried and tested, click on the image below.

You’re not on your own, you have a support group of amazing people who are going through the same program as you, so are a great support network for you.

See you on the inside.

Did this article help you at all?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sam Harradine

I’ve been helping home business owners and online experts organically build their tribe on Facebook for almost a decade now. 

With ads becoming more and more unpredictable I believe that marketing your business using organic, trust building methods is more important now that it ever has been… and it’s only going to become more important in the future.

Recently I’ve become a Facebook certified community manager as well as being a Facebook Power admin for the past several years.


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© Tribes For Home Business 2021. All rights reserved.