What About Now?

So to move things into the present a little bit, even though we loved our mouldings business, it had two glaring flaws.

1, It was only a matter of time before people started to rip off our designs and undercut us… and trust us, many tried.

2, It wasn’t easily scaleable. If we took a lot of orders, we had to spend a lot of time making those orders. There was no way to create a product and sell it to hundreds or thousands of people. It was one product, one customer and we knew that we had to tap into the power of the Internet completely and move away from a physical product in order to be able to really scale.

So in 2017 we decided to sell that business and pursue what we loved, which was showing other people how to do what we’d done by building awesome Facebook groups and tribes to support their business.

Since then we’ve worked hard to build our brand as a couple that can definitely help you to build an audience, nurture that audience and make sales to that audience by using Facebook groups as the core of your business.

Which leads us to yet another myth that we’d like to bust:

Myth #5 - You Don't Need To Niche Down In Order To Make An Impact

Maybe you’ve heard the expression ‘the riches are in the niches’… well it turns out it’s true.

When we first made the transition from our mouldings business we tried to do a bit of everything, teaching people how to do email marketing as well as SEO, video marketing… you name it. 

We taught a bit of stuff about a lot of things.

This was a mistake.

It was only when we really narrowed our message and showed up as the ‘go-to’ people to help with Facebook groups that the needle started to move in our business.

People ‘got it’ and the magic that we’d captured in our first business started to happen again.

People almost instantly began approaching us and asking if they could work with us. Would be guests on their podcast? Would we do a training for their group members? Would we speak at their event?

As soon as we got focused we put together a really simple offer and made it straight away. People bought it the same day and we’ve never looked back.

Remember, when people want to solve a problem they’ll always look for a specialist, not a generalist.

Since we narrowed our niche and became the ‘go-to’ people for Facebook groups things have gone from strength to strength.

Life is good and we have Facebook groups to thank for that.

Here are a few of the highlights that have come our way since we decided to go all in with Facebook groups and build our audience and tribe around one message.

We Were Personally Invited To Facebook HQ In London To Record A Video For Their Power Admins

We’ve been recognised by leaders in the make money online industry as well as by Facebook themselves.

Apart from multiple high profile speaking and training engagements we’ve also been invited by Facebook to their UK headquarters to record a video for the Facebook Power Admin community, which we’re a part of.

Sam was also personally invited by Facebook to help them put together a community manager certification program.

This was massive because out of 70 Million group admins only 250 were invited to take part.

Of that number only around 50 qualified at that time, one of them being Sam 😊

Sam On Stage Teaching Facebook Group Strategy At Frazer Brookes' Event In Front Of 1500 People
Sam Showing Off Her Community Manager Status

OK, time to bust one final myth before we wrap up this little series. This is one that we know keeps lots of people stuck. We know because for quite some time we were victims of this mindset.

Myth #6 - You Can Do This Alone

We think you’ll agree that it’s pretty lonely trying to build an online business all by yourself. We know because we tried to do it for some time ourselves.

There are a lot of moving parts to put together, and it’s not like most of us are used to being responsible for absolutely everything like we are when we start our own thing. 

In a job it’s usual for a company to have a marketing department, someone to do the graphics, someone else to manage the website etc, and when we go to work we usually know exactly what our job description is and what we’re expected to do.

Not so when you’re a home business owner… all the bucks stop with you!

We know that if we hadn’t connected with the right people along our journey we’d have struggled much more than we did.

We’ll give you one more principle wrapped up in a phrase that we’ve come to embrace, and that is ‘your network is your net worth,’ in other words if you’re not networking like crazy then you’re making life much harder than it needs to be.

If you’re trying to figure everything out yourself, hopping from YouTube video to video trying to piece everything together, you’re setting yourself up to struggle and chase every shiny object out there, which eventually will set you up to fail like so many others do.

So Let's Wrap This Up

If you’re still here we’d like to thank you for taking the time to read our story… it’s been a ride and we’re just getting started!

We definitely need to give a huge shout out to our community at this point, with busted myth #6 in mind, we’ve been helped out so many times by the amazing people inside our Facebook group and our VIP community.

Our Parting Message

If you’re tired of struggling alone to figure out how to make the pieces of your home business fit together so you can finally start to get the results you deserve, we have something that we think you’ll love.

We have a VIP community called the Tribegeeks Academy.

Inside we’ve condensed just about everything we’ve learned during our 10+ years of running Facebook groups as well as step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do to build your audience, build goodwill with them and make them offers that they’ll happily buy… and how to do it all automatically so you can leverage your time like we do.

On top of the academy trainings we also have a private support group for our members where they get access to us directly to help much more closely with a live weekly training and contact through the group.

Bottom line, most people using social media for their business want regular and sustainable sales.

And that means more time for you, your business and more money in your account.

You deserve better because selling should be easy and fun, not stressful and awkward.

We put too much energy in to just have to get up and do it all again tomorrow.

Check out the Tribegeeks Academy by clicking the link below to see how we can help you get results faster and easier.

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