3 Tips To Grow Your Group

‘Steve.. Sam, How do I grow my group?’

This has to be, hands down, the most asked question we get over in our Free group, Facebook Group Mastery.

Now, we could teach you some very easy (spammy) ways to grow your group FAST… but that’s not going to be beneficial to your business in the long run.

What we teach is how to fill your group with the right members.

Your ideal customers and clients.

People who want to be there, not just your Aunt Mary & Uncle Dave who are there because you invited them, and have no clue what’s going on

But just how do you get these perfect members joining your group?

I’m going to share my top 3 tips with you, follow these tips, and your group will grow with the RIGHT people!

Tip #1 – Making Your Group Name As Clear As Possible.

Now this may seem very basic to you, but so many people overlook this essential part of their group growing strategy.

When we open our group, one of the first things we are asked to do is add the group name.

– Yikes, ok, Facebook have put me on the spot here… Quick, what can I call it?…

And you may hash together a name that you ‘Think’ is ok, but may actually be working against you.

But getting your group name right is essential to attract your perfect members to your group!

The power of your group name lies in the keywords you use.

Each word you use is a word that Facebook will use to find your group when matching it to people’s searches.

So when your ideal clients & customers type in keywords to find suitable groups, is your group showing up?

For example, our group is all about building a successful Facebook group.

Now, we could have been really clever with our name, maybe combined our children’s names to make a cute group name, it would have read something like ‘Elljaymaddie’

Now while this would have meant the world to us as proud parents, it would mean NOTHING to you, or the rest of our audience.

Would anyone be searching for ‘Elljaymaddie’ to help them solve their problems around Facebook groups?

NO… not at all. We have no hope of ever growing a group with this name.

But instead, we carefully choose keywords that we know our ideal clients would be searching for.

‘Tribe’ ‘Home Business’ ‘Facebook Group’ ‘Grow’ ‘Engaged’ ‘Build’ These are ALL words we know our audience will be typing that we can help them with inside our free group, and exactly what our Tribegeeks Academy covers in depth.

So, what keywords would you use to be found?

Word of caution… If you’re an MLM’er, your name should never contain your MLM company name.

You should be branding you!

Companies come & go, but you remain forever 😉

The only caveat to this is if you own your own company. If the company is yours, then you can add that name to your group name for brand recognition, but make sure you have keywords in the name too, so you can easily be found.

Tip #2 – Leveraging The Power Of  Your Personal Profile .


So many people totally miss this when they are trying to grow their Facebook group, but honestly, it’s one of the most important pieces of the puzzle!

I connect with a lot of people on a daily basis on Facebook, and I go to their personal profiles to check them out.

I’d say around 80% of these personal profiles have no way of leading me to that persons group!

They tell everyone they have a group in comments I see of theirs, when I go to find it… nothing, a complete dead end.

Will I stick around to dig deeper, maybe send them a PM?

Heck no! I’ve already scrolled on at this point, and would have forgotten their name within minutes.

But if I found a way to join their group, I would have clicked the link, I would have become part of their world.

They would stay front of mind by sharing great content every day. And when I need their products or service, when I am ready to buy… who will I buy from?

The person who has been showing up on my newsfeed every day helping me, sharing value with me, sharing some fun & lifestyle so I can get to know them… Yup, THIS is the person I will be buying from.

And this may have never happened if I couldn’t find the link to their group.

Let that sink in…

How many missed opportunities are happening because people just can’t find your Facebook group!

Over in the Tribegeeks Academy, I share 13 ways to lead people from your profile STRAIGHT into your group.

Today I’ll share one of them, and it’s a crucial one to get right!

Your personal profile cover image – This is a huge piece of real estate so many people overlook!.

It’s a great place to share more about you, what you’re about, how can you help your audience?

Again, I must stress, you are branding you and not your company, so don’t add company names, logo’s or product images to your cover image.

Now.. Here’s the important part.

Add a ‘Call To Action’ on your cover image, something like ‘To join my group, Click Here

Give people an action to take with you.

Then, go back & edit the description of your cover image to include the link to your group!

Simples 😊

Anyone clicking on your cover image will see the group link, click it, and ask to join.

If you’d like to get hold of our 12 OTHER ways to lead people straight into your group, it’s all laid out for you inside the academy, with video walkthroughs of how to implement these steps.

Tip #3 – Get Working On Your Networking

If you followed tip #2, it’s going to be SO much easier to get results with tip #3.

This doesn’t require any ad spend, but will require a little bit of your time.

But when building an amazing business, we’re all going to have to put some time into it, so you may as well do it and get a great return!

And networking is something you, as a business owner, can be doing every day to actively raise awareness for your brand, your business, and drive people into your group!

Networking in other peoples groups & on pages where your ideal clients & customers hang out is going to be the fastest way to grow your group.

Go find out where your customers hang out, where are their ‘Eyeballs’ and be there.

Show up, offer value, be helpful, answer questions.

But never ever sell in someone else’s group or on their page unless they give you permission to do so!

But showing up, and being helpful with your ‘zone of genius’ will get people checking you out!

They’ll want to come over to your personal profile to find out more about you, and how you can help them…

And if you’ve followed tip #2 they will be able to find your group link and an easy way to come & join your group.

They will be thinking ‘If they are being this helpful  in someone else’s group, their own group has to be something pretty special, right?

But if you’re link isn’t there, and there’s no way for them to find you, you have lost them forever…

So there you go, my 3 top tips for growing your Facebook group.

If you just implement these steps alone, you will have more people joining your group on autopilot!

And if you want to supercharge your results, why don’t you let us share even more with you.

We cover this in much more depth over in the Tribegeeks Academy, we even lay out exactly HOW to network in other peoples groups, and our best practices for showing up as the ‘Go To’ person in your niche.

Sam Harradine

I’ve been helping home business owners and online experts organically build their tribe on Facebook for almost a decade now. 

With ads becoming more and more unpredictable I believe that marketing your business using organic, trust building methods is more important now that it ever has been… and it’s only going to become more important in the future.

Recently I’ve become a Facebook certified community manager as well as being a Facebook Power admin for the past several years.


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    1. Hey Luana, awesome stuff that you have a website to send people to. The reason we recommend sending people to your group though is that the objective is to have a way to communicate with the people who we meet online over and over again to keep our message in front of them as much as possible. There’s no barrier to entry to your group as they don’t have to submit any details to join, it’s a super easy next step for your visitors. However if we send them to our site and don’t have an effective way to capture their contact details, chances are they could click off and never return.

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